Belgian Police Brutality of an Innocent Disabled Man & Child

Belgian Police Brutality

In spite of unequivocal and irrefutable evidence that the allegations of

Micheline deCorte-Marnette, Laurence Marnette-Brogniet and Patrick Brogniet

were 100% false and maliciously motivated to victimise and retaliate against the innocent man and his innocent child for reporting deCorte-Marnette’s assaults,

the Belgian Police entered the home of the innocent victims on Christmas morning

without search warrants and without COVID-19 masks,

and brutally assaulted the innocent disabled man and his innocent young son,

handcuffed them and marched them outside in the cold

in their pyjamas without coats or shoes

and forced them to sit outside the police station for multiple hours,

without being told why they were being held or without charging them with any crime.

The innocent man and young son’s injuries at the hands of the police brutality

were so severe that an ambulance, paramedics and

doctors flown in an emergency helicopter had to be called.

The police violence was so brutal that the police unlawfully took phones from the

innocent disabled man and his innocent young son to prevent them from filming.

The police either refused to give their names or gave false names,

and then destroyed evidence of names given.

Unbeknownst to the police, the entire scandal was nonetheless still recorded

and is being used as evidence against in a formal investigation against the police.

The police questioned Micheline deCorte-Marnette’s eldest daughter

for hours, offering her bribes to make statements

about her innocent, disabled husband and young son.

A Belgian judge/magistrate was called in and determined that

Micheline deCorte-Marnette’s eldest daughter’s disabled husband and young son

were entirely and unequivocally innocent, and that

Micheline deCorte-Marnette, Laurence Marnette-Brogniet and Patrick Brogniet’s

allegations were 100% false and maliciously motivated.


Woman Sexually Assaults Disabled Man

Micheline deCorte-Marnette of Ferrieres, Belgium has been accused

by her eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson of

sexual assault, physical assault and harassment

against her innocent disabled son-in-law.

DeCorte-Marnette’s son-in-law was forced to file a police report on 24 December 2020

after which a Belgian magistrate issued a restraining order against deCorte-Marnette on 25 December 2020, forcing her to stay away from the man in his Belgian home,

and also issued a police search of deCorte-Marnette’s home for an alleged firearm.

DeCorte-Marnette’s youngest daughter, Laurence Marnette-Brogniet (50)

(who allegedly suffers from mental illness),

and her husband, Patrick Brogniet (59) of Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium

subsequently retaliated against the innocent victim and his innocent young son,

with false and malicious allegations sensationally alleging that they had somehow kidnapped their own wife and mother, Marnette-Brogniet’s older sister.

Marnette-Brogniet’s older sister repeatedly strenuously denied the

outrageous, false and maliciously-motivated allegations

against her innocent husband and young son

to the police in a sworn written statement and under police questioning.

Formal Police Investigation Underway

A formal international investigation is currently underway of the unlawful behaviour of

Micheline deCorte-Marnette, Laurence Marnette-Brogniet and Patrick Brogniet

as well as of the Belgian Police.

Paul Carral Vazquez, ‘Chef de Corps’ Zone de police du Condroz (5296)

is the person responsible for the police who perpetrated this scandal.

The investigation is currently being conducted by

‘Le Procureur du Roi’ (the Royal Prosecutor).

The same Belgian police force were recently responsible of

police brutality and Nazi-behaviour resulting in death.