IISL Junior Fellow:

Garry Piepenbrock


International Institute for Strategic Leadership

At Eton, Garry is on the lead team of the Junior Entrepreneurship Society, where he has invited successful international entrepreneurs to speak, such as:

Hephzi Pemberton

Founder of Kiteka

Henry Faber and Walter Kerr

Co-Founders of Oppidan Education

Prior to Eton College, Garry was educated at the Dragon School in Oxford, as well as in children’s education at Balliol College, Oxford and at MIT in the US.

Garry Piepenbrock is a Junior Fellow of the International Institute for Strategic Leadership. 

Garry develops and helps produce content for the IISL website, helps manage the IISL Twitter account, and arranges and contributes to IISL summits around the world.

Garry has received numerous awards at Eton for his research and writing in

economics, politics, philosophy, history and geography, including:


Commended prize in Economics, 2017

“Populism and Globalisation”

Runner-up prize in Politics, 2017

“Belief and Knowledge”

Commended prize in Philosophy, 2017

“Solving the Problem of Global Inequality”

Highly-commended prize in Economics, 2018

“The Importance of Reducing Global Inequality”

Highly-commended prize in Geography, 2018

“The Cold War and Large-Scale Conflict”

Highly-commended prize in History, 2018

At Eton, at age 13, Garry proposed the launch of a global educational venture called etonX for the international entrepreneurship competition, MIT Launch

Garry’s 90-second elevator pitch video has already received approximately 1,500 views.

Garry is a sought-after actor, who was invited by Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy director, Tomas Alfredson, to audition for his $30 million dramatic film, The Brothers Lionheart.

Garry was also invited to audition with British actor, Martin Clunes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London for a $10 million grossing comedy film.


Football / Soccer

Throughout his career, Garry has captained his league-winning and cup-winning teams.

From the age of five, Garry has played football/soccer at the highest levels, including for the professional side, Oxford United’s Elite Development Academy.

At Eton College, Garry went on to play for the U14As and U15As, who were undefeated in the league, and who went on to the UK national semi-finals

Garry was also the four time-winner of the Best Player Award at the annual Eton Soccer Academy.

Oxford Youth Futsal Tournament Champions

Oxford Youth League Champions

Prep School Tournament Champions

Eton College House Cup Champions

“Dear Garry, I’ve read through your essay.  It’s very good.

You get a coherent argument going and sustain it through the essay.”

Professor Lord Robert Skidelsky

Adam Smith

Karl Marx

Garry is a student at Eton College in the UK,
where his broad academic interests lie at the intersection of
economics and politics.