IISL Junior Fellow:

Garry Piepenbrock


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Prior to Eton College, Garry was educated at the Dragon School in Oxford,

as well as in children’s education at Balliol College, Oxford and at MIT in the US.

Garry Piepenbrock is a Junior Fellow of the International Institute for Strategic Leadership.

Garry conducts research, develops and helps produce content for the IISL website,

helps manage the IISL Twitter account, liaises with IISL Fellows

and contributes to IISL Summits around the world.

He is co-authoring a book on

The Evolution of Economic Ecosystems.

Garry has received numerous awards at Eton for his research and writing in

economics, politics, philosophy, history and geography, including:


Commended prize in Economics, 2017

“Solving the Problem of Global Inequality”

Highly-commended prize in Economics, 2018

“Populism and Globalisation”

Runner-up prize in Politics, 2017

“Marxism’s Relevance in the 21st Century”

Highly-commended prize in Politics, 2018

“Belief and Knowledge”

Commended prize in Philosophy, 2017

“Maximising Pleasure”

Prize entry in Philosophy, 2018

“The Importance of Reducing Global Inequality”

Highly-commended prize in Geography, 2018

“The Cold War and Large-Scale Conflict”

Highly-commended prize in History, 2018

At Eton, at age 13, Garry proposed the launch of a global educational venture called etonX for the international entrepreneurship competition, MIT Launch

Garry’s 90-second elevator pitch video has already received nearly 2,000 views.

As an actor, Garry was short-listed and auditioned with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy director,

Tomas Alfredson, for the lead role in his $30 million dramatic film, The Brothers Lionheart.

Garry was also short-listed and auditioned with British actor, Martin Clunes at the

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London for a $10 million grossing comedy film.


Football / Soccer

Throughout Garry’s career, he has captained his league-winning and cup-winning teams.

From the age of five, Garry has played football/soccer at high levels,

including for the Elite Development Academy of the professional club, Oxford United.

At Eton College, Garry has played for the U14As, U15As and U16As.

In 2017, they were undefeated in the league and went on to the UK national semi-finals.

Oxford Youth Futsal

Tournament Champions

Oxford Youth

League Champions

Prep School

Tournament Champions

Eton College House Cup Champions

“Dear Garry, I’ve read through your essay.  It’s very good.

You get a coherent argument going and sustain it through the essay.”

Professor Lord Robert Skidelsky

Founded nearly 600 years ago,

Eton is among the world’s oldest and largest secondary schools.

Eton has educated one in four British Prime Ministers (19 total),

as well as Royalty from 12 nations,

Nobel prize winners in Physics, Medicine and Peace,

and some of the world’s most famous and influential economists.

While at Eton, Garry has had the privilege of seeing, meeting and/or corresponding with the following leaders in economics and politics on both the Right and the Left:

UK Prime Minister

David Cameron

UK Prime Minister

Sir John Major

Professor of

Political Economy

Lord Robert Skidelsky

US Senator, US Secretary of State &

Democratic Presidential Nominee

John Kerry


Garry has played guitar (acoustic and electric bass) since the age of six.

Garry with Arsenal and England football legend, Lee Dixon

at Eton College

Garry (age 13) in concert at Eton College

Garry is a five time-winner of the Best Player Award

at the annual Eton Soccer Academy.

At Eton, Garry is on the lead team of the Junior Entrepreneurship Society,

where he has invited to speak, and/or has met and dined with

the following successful international entrepreneurs:

Valerie Stark

Founder of Huggle

Garry is originally from Boston, Massachusetts

and is a citizen of both the US and EU (Netherlands and Belgium).

He is bilingual in English and French.

He is a 15-year-old student at Eton College in the UK,

who has received an IISL Leadership Scholarship to attend Eton.

Garry’s academic interests lie at the intersection between

economics and politics.

Chief Economist


Stephen King

After Eton, Garry hopes to study economics and/or politics at either

Stanford University, the University of Oxford or Harvard University.

Prof. of Political History

University of Oxford

Dr Marius Ostrowski

Alan Yau, OBE

Founder of Wagamama

Professor of Political Economy,

UN Ambassador, Chinese Senator

Jean Christophe Iseux, Baron von Pfetten

Personality Type

Professor of Economics

University of Oxford

Sir David Hendry

Professional Club Academy Player

Best Player Awards

Eton College

Team Leadership

Although Garry can certainly score goals, he is primarily known for creating goals.

Positional Play

Garry has travelled the UK with Oxford United playing other professional club academies,

including in a 2-1 victory over Arsenal FC Academy

in which he assisted both goals.

Oxford United v Manchester City

(2018 English Premiership Champions)

Garry‘s goal at Charterhouse put Eton College up 1-0.

“The Flying Dutchman” Johan Cruyff, captain of the Netherlands

(1974 World Cup Finalists)

Eton College 2-0 winners at Charterhouse

(3 November 2018)

Garry’s Eton House jersey with Johan Cruyff’s #14

Neuro-Cognitive Capabilities/Challenges

This enhanced neuro-cognitive capability has the following advantages:

High levels of design/creative problem solving and entrepreneurial strategic thinking

(thinking “outside of the box”);

Seeing phenomena holistically

(i.e. the “big picture”);

Enhanced pattern recognition

(identifying and memorising complex images and sounds).

In order to enable these enhanced neuro-cognitive capabilities,

there is a mild tradeoff in reading/writing speed.

Steve Jobs

(entrepreneur and founder of Apple)

Thomas Edison


Pablo Picasso

(abstract artist)

Leonardo Da Vinci


Albert Einstein


John F. Kennedy

(US President)

Winston Churchill

(British Prime Minister)

Walt Disney

(entertainment entrepreneur)

Everybody is a genius.

But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Examples of famous people with Eu-eikonia include:

Garry has undergone testing and has exhibited signs of possessing

a relatively rare enhanced neuro-cognitive capability, Eu-eikonia.

Eu-eikonia is primarily transmitted genetically

and is found in only about 5% of the population.

Comparing brain network structures (Eu-eikonic and non-Eu-eikonic)

Prof. of Economic History

University of Cambridge

Dr Sheliagh Ogilvie

Professor of Economics

Kingston University

Dr Steve Keen

2018 Eton College U16As

Garry currently plays central attacking midfielder for the Eton U16As

Garry (age 10) playing for

Oxford United’s Elite Development Academy

Garry typically plays in central midfield, either as a box-to-box midfielder,

or more commonly as a central attacking midfielder (a playmaking #10).

“Dear Garry,  Thank you for your essay.

I am impressed... This particular essay... is quite innovative on its own merits.

All the best for your future studies.”

Professor Steve Keen

Professor of Politics

University of Bath

Dr Roger Eatwell

US Deputy National

Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan

“Dear Garry, You write with a very impressive sweep, which is a style I like.

Overall well done!”

Professor Roger Eatwell

Garry has taken psychometric testing which indicates that he is an ENFJ

in the Myers-Briggs type indicator.

Martin Clunes

Actor John Hurt (left), director Tomas Alfredson (centre) and actor Gary Oldman (right)

Left = Logical Analysis.  Right = Creative Synthesis