International Institute for Strategic Leadership


Building global networks of

knowledge and courage

The International Institute for Strategic Leadership

is an internationally-renowned award-winning think-tank founded in 2001,

which has been based out of the world’s leading universities including:

MIT, the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics,

providing world-class academic research and teaching through its case studies.

“This is either the work of a madman or a genius -

and I am inclined to think that it is the latter.”

Dr Michael Hammer

MIT and Oxford Professor

Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Individuals”

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The Evolution of Economic Ecosystems

is the award-winning research developed over the past 25 years

by an “internationally renowned economist” (according to The Times)

at the world’s leading universities including MIT, Oxford, Berkeley, LSE,

which predicted the global financial crisis, Brexit, Trump, #MeToo etc.

The Evolution of Economic Ecosystems

17-year-old IISL Fellow’s Modeling of the Evolution of Economic Ecosystems (EEE):

11th Order Nonlinear Dynamic System of Coupled Differential Equations

EEE has been significantly developed, advanced and refined by

a 17-year-old IISL Fellow’s award-winning research

on applying EEE to the International Political Economy.

The IISL Junior Fellow has already received 13 awards for his essays on this topic

from one of the world’s leading secondary schools,

including the John Maynard Keynes Economics Prize (student choice award).

“I have read the essay and the prize is well-deserved.

It is really a striking accomplishment for someone at your stage.

Your paper influences me and I am grateful to have read it.”

Professor Peter Hall

Harvard University Professor of Political Economy

Author of Varieties of Capitalism