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Sexual Harassment at the LSE asks questions of #MeToo
High Court finds LSE in Breach of Duty of Care and in Breach of Contract
in the Largest Lawsuits in the History of Higher Education

Dr Theodore Piepenbrock:

“My family and I are pleased with the outcome of this landmark High Court trial. The judgment that the LSE was found to be in multiple breaches of its duty of care as well as in breach of contract is entirely unsurprising as Lord Chief Justice Woolf’s high-profile LSE ethics investigation revealed serious ethics, management and governance failures at the LSE.

The High Court’s damning indictment of the LSE is crucial to litigating my multi-million pound Employment Tribunal case against the LSE.  We will also make an appeal to demonstrate that the LSE stalker’s actions were both oppressive and unacceptable and that they caused foreseeable harm.

In the #MeToo era, when sexual harassment/abuse against women is finally beginning to be rightfully addressed, how do we balance the needs to protect both women and men?  I hope my story helps in some small way to contribute to a sensible debate, where well-intentioned people work together to solve a very important issue of our time.”

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