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“Get Woke, Go Broke”
The Economics of Gillette’s #MeToo Campaign against “Toxic Masculinity”Gillette.html
Widespread Corruption and Ethics Scandals
at the London School of Economics:
the UK’s lowest-ranked university for teaching
and the world’s lowest-ranked university for ethicsLSE_Ethics.html
“Boeing airplanes could systematically fall from the sky before 2020.”
IISL research predicted Boeing’s current disasters more than a decade ago.Boeing.html
The Evolution of Economic Ecosystems

Award-winning research developed over the past 25 years
by “internationally renowned economist” (according to The Times)
at the world’s leading universities including MIT, Oxford, Berkeley, LSE,
which predicted the global financial crisis, Brexit, Trump, #MeToo, etc.The_Evolution_of_Economic_Ecosystems.html

The International Institute for Strategic Leadership

is an internationally-renowned award-winning ethics think-tank founded in 2001,

which has been based out of the world’s leading universities including:

MIT, the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics,

providing world-class academic research and teaching through its case studies.

Ethics Scandal at Balliol College, Oxford:
Fellow, Adrian Kelly accused of violence against animals, students and colleagues.
Master, Helen Ghosh initiates cover-up campaign and victimises the whistleblower,
a Trustee of the University of Oxford and its highest-ranking female ethics officer.
Grievances filed against Ghosh & Kelly involving police & Supreme Court President.Adrian_Kelly.html