Intellectual Dark Web

The Intellectual Dark Web is a global network of leading heterodox intellectuals, dedicated to intellectual inquiry, free speech and due process.

IDWs have the intellectual courage to speak truth to power,

and many have paid a high price for doing so.

Most have a high degree of Big 5 Personalitydisagreeableness”.

Many (although not all) IDW intellectuals

have PhDs and/or research/teach at leading universities.

Many are renowned academics in the fields in/around evolutionary science.

IDWs tend to occupy moderate/centrist political positions

and they tend to eschew both the far-right and far-left positions.

Interestingly, the far-left tends to accuse IDW’s of being far-right,

while the far-right tends to accuse IDW’s of being far-left.

Dr Theodore Piepenbrock

Evolutionary Economist

(MIT, Oxford, LSE, UC Berkeley)

Dr Jordan Peterson

Evolutionary Psychologist

(University of Toronto, McGill)

Dr Steven Pinker

Evolutionary Psychologist

(MIT, Harvard, Stanford)

Dr Bret Weinstein

Evolutionary Biologist

(Michigan, Santa Cruz, Pennsylvania)

Dr Eric Weinstein

Mathematician & Economist

(Harvard, Pennsylvania, MIT)

Dr Sam Harris


(Stanford, UCLA)

Dr Richard Dawkins

Evolutionary Biologist

(Oxford, UC Berkeley)

Dr Janice Fiamengo

English Literature Critic

(University of Ottawa)

Professor Laura Kipnis

Cultural Theorist

(Northwestern University)

Dr Heather Heying

Evolutionary Biologist

(Michigan, UC Santa Cruz)

Dr Christina Hoff Sommers


(NYU, Brandeis)

Intellectual Dark Web Curators

The Intellectual Dark Web is curated by a network of blogging and podcast journalists.

IDW journalists have the intellectual courage to ensure that truth is spoken to power,

Claire Lehmann

Founder / Editor-in-Chief Quillette

Joe Rogan

Founder / Podcast Host

The Joe Rogan Experience

Dave Rubin

Founder / Podcast Host

The Rubin Report

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