Dr Theodore Frederick Piepenbrock


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“The 21st century will see the greatest changes in human history.

As we reach the limits to growth of our species in its ecosystem,

the most fundamental aspects of society will polarise:

Male vs Female, Rich vs Poor, Old vs Young, Right vs Left.”

Dr Theodore Piepenbrock


The internationally-acclaimed evolutionary economist,

whose 20-year research programme at

MIT, the University of Oxford, the LSE and UC Berkeley

on The Evolution of Economic Ecosystems, has long-predicted

phenomena like the global financial crisis, Trump, Brexit and #MeToo.

He has appeared on international television (e.g. CNN, BBC and SKY) and

his work has been discussed in the press (e.g. Wall Street Journal and Forbes).

“This is either the work of a madman or a genius -

and I am inclined to think that it is the latter.”

Dr Michael Hammer

Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Individuals”